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On an ever-changing planet, people’s values are also constantly changing. What should be our guiding principle? We think the answer is sunlight.

SOLAMENT™ is a material that uses the near-infrared energy (NIR) of sunlight, which has been overlooked until now. Can we create warmth that doesn’t exist yet while in harmony with nature? Conversely, can we protect people from the sun’s heat? Or protect them from infrared light being used to invade their privacy?

We believe so. We’re convinced that this new material will break through the limitations and restrictions of the past. We’re convinced that it can bring us into a future never before possible. With SOLAMENT™, we’ll open up a world beyond our imagination.

Make the impossible possible

- Sunlight for ultimate warmth.

By converting NIR in sunlight into heat, even a thin cardigan can rival the warmth of a down jacket.

- Conversely, we can also use it to stay cool.

Since this material absorbs sunlight, it can also be used for heat shielding. By using it to make umbrellas and sunshades, we can ensure comfort on hot days.

- Transparency breeds versatility.

With our material’s exceptional transparency, the possibilities are endless in terms of color. There’s no need to compromise on functionality or design. Embrace fashion with greater freedom.

- No more privacy fears.

The worries associated with infrared-based illicit activities from cameras, seeing through swimwear, will become a thing of the past. Athletes, for example, will be able to focus on giving their all without any privacy concerns.


SOLAMENT™ is a special material absorbing the NIR found in sunlight, generating heat within the material itself. Regular gloves show a temperature increase of 43.5℉(6.4°C) while SOLAMENT™ gloves demonstrate an overwhelming difference, 66.9℉(19.4°C).

Apparel / Extreme warmness

SOLAMENT™ delivers exceptional warmth, perfect for winter apparel. It provides ample heat without layers for easy movement, making it ideal for outdoor sports like golf and mountain climbing, as well as for lightweight business suits.

Life Solutions / For next-generation urban development

The heat-generating effect of SOLAMENT™ makes it perfect for various applications,
such as:
Snow-protection and anti-fogging used in housing roofs, traffic lights, etc. Mold prevention in buildings, to enhance the cleanliness of the city environments Hardening agent in 3-D printers for high-precision material construction


SOLAMENT™ significantly reduces the 850–1200nm range of sunlight, curbing heat when applied to glass or vinyl. Experiments have shown a significant 5–10°C drop in indoor temperatures when SOLAMENT™ is used in vinyl siding.

Agriculture / Boosts harvests by 150%

Using SOLAMENT™ in greenhouse agricultural nets boosts harvest yields by facilitating efficient photosynthesis, permitting visible light while blocking heat. Moreover, the internal cooling effect extends operational hours, fostering a productive environment for sustained work within the greenhouse.

Mobility / Significantly improves energy efficiency

Applying SOLAMENT™ window films to vehicles efficiently reduces sunlight heat, resulting in a 56.3°F(13.5°C) temperature drop. *
This not only prevents interior heat buildup but also enhances energy efficiency. Furthermore, it enables next-gen windows that are lightweight yet durable, contributing to the energy efficiency of cars and airplanes.
*without air conditioning

Prototype Project


This is the first project that showcases the functional and brand aspects of SOLAMENT™. This down jacket is transparent, and features a hollow structure devoid of any down feathers. By harnessing the light-to-heat transformation properties of SOLAMENT™ in the fabric, the material itself generates heat, achieving an unimaginable level of warmth beyond what is discernible from its appearance. *
This delves into the possibilities of future cold-weather protective wear without compromising in design, comfort and ethical needs.

* According to our research


SOLAMENT™ is a material technology made of near-infrared-ray-absorbing nanoparticles, invented in 2002 by Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
It absorbs "the near-infrared rays" contained in sunlight.
Due to its high transparency, SOLAMENT™ can be used not only for clothing, but also in other materials and industries, such as glass, vinyl, automotive parts, building materials and agriculture.

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Read the behind-the-scenes story of SOLAMENT™’s creation and its boundless future potential as our developers share their insights.

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