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Next Innovation with you. Your idea×住友金属鉱山 Next Innovation with you. Your idea×住友金属鉱山
Next Innovation with you. Your idea×住友金属鉱山 Next Innovation with you. Your idea×住友金属鉱山

What we aim for
Co-creation of Innovative Values

Sumitomo Metal Mining, a non-ferrous metal company with a history dating back to its establishment in 1590.
Looking back at our history, we have contributed to significant industrial development through collaborations with our peers even during the Edo period. And now, in the modern era, which is said to be full of uncertainties and rapid changes in trends, the question arises: ‘How can we effectively utilize our own resources to create new value?’
The answer to that is ‘X-MINING’, our initiative to explore answer with you and work towards creating new value and solving challenges.



The Material Strength of
Sumitomo Metal Mining

We introduce our powder material products, instrumental in inspiring innovation at X-MINING.

Innovation Case
Partner Products

In today’s society, needs are becoming increasingly diverse, it is less feasible for a single company to offer innovative products and services that resonate on their own. Recognizing this,Sumitomo Metal Mining is moving towards co-creation through “Open Innovation,” by seeking collaborative efforts with various partners, including other corporations, universities, and research institutions, to develop innovative business solutions.

Such feelings are encapsulated in the phrase ‘From originality to co-creation’, which is the philosophy of X-MINING.

Director of Product Planning and Development,
Advanced Materials Div. Applied Powder Materials BU

Atsushi Tofuku

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X-MINING Establishment

Innovation Cases

Is it impossible to prevent the temperature rise in a greenhouse during midsummer?

In cultivation using greenhouses, there is a need to protect crops and Agricultural Producers from pests and weather damage.
On the other hand, during the peak of summer, the inside of the greenhouse can exceeds 40 degrees, creating a harsh working environment, which is a problem.
There was a challenge of how to protect crops and producers not only from pests and weather damage but also from sunlight and high temperature.

Flow of inquies

*The above process is just an example and may change depending on the situation.
*Sample evaluations will be a collaborative effort to both parties work on improvements.

Products Born from Co-creation

Notoshichi Co., Ltd developed
High-Performance Heat-Shielding Net ‘Aotenjo’

Combining the property of our near-infrared absorbing material, which allows necessary sunlight for crop cultivation while blocking heat, with Notoshichi’s fiber processing technology, the high-performance heat-shielding net ‘Aotenjo’ was born, effectively suppressing the temperature rise inside the agricultural greenhouse. This innovative product is expanding its sales network worldwide.

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Other Co-creation Cases

Case Studies
Product Born from Co-creation

There are products that reach consumers that were born from X-MINING’s efforts.

Special Page on Magnetic Field Analysis Simulation Now Launched.


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